We organize workshops on historical & alternative photographic methods
On appointment

You can also rent our darkroom* (informations : info@studiobaxton.com)


Wet plate Collodion : 450€ per person for one day (max 2 persons)
B&W Film Development :  85€ per person for one morning (max 2 persons)
B&W Analog Paper Print : 85€ per person for one morning (max 2 persons)
Cyanotype : 100€ per person for 3 hours (max 2 persons)
Paper Reversal Process : 400€ per person for one day (max 2 persons)
Other personal course/lecture : 65€ per person per hour (max 1 person)

We also do public Workshop & Demonstration on purpose, please contact us for any specific project

2 days program:
Making chemistry
Glass cutting - edges - polishing - cleaning - chemistry pouring
Taking pictures - development - drying - protection

1 day program:
Glass cutting - edges - polishing - cleaning
Chemistry pouring
Taking pictures - development

You come with your film and you will develop it by yourself under our direction
How to feed the tank, how to use chemistry, how to dry with basic equipment

You come with your negative and you will print pictures from it under our direction
How enlarger work - chemistry - masking

With our large negative (6x6, 6x9, old negative glass plate, cello,...) we will print them in blue on sensitized paper.
You learn how to prepare the chemistry, how to sensitize the paper, how to expose, clean, and turn light blue in Deep Blue or brown.

Paper Reversal Process
You will learn how to reverse conventional negative photographic paper into positive paper.
This will allow you to use very old camera with paper instead of collodion or glass plates.

*Renting the darkroom :

Do you need a place for your film and print developments ?

You can rent our darkroom with the necessary equipment (enlarger, paper, chemical products…etc.) :

1 hour : 20€

3 hours : 40€

6 hours : 210€

12 hours : 370€

20 hours : 520€

Another time on request : info@studiobaxton.com